“When you pray, I will listen.” Jeremiah 29:12

Age Groups

WEE Crew, WEE love Jesus! Birth – 36 months
JAM Crew, Jesus And Me Age 3 – Kindergarten
JOY Crew, Jesus, Others, Yourself 1st – 5th Grades

Our Core Values
Knowing God’s Truth – Academically
Knowing God’s Power – Experientially
Knowing Oneself through Christ – Introspectively
Knowing Others – Relationally

Our Mission
Invite children and their families to know God and experience an ever growing reality of life in His Kingdom. This mission is accomplished through our wonderful staff, both professional and volunteer.

We Believe:

• That as children become more aware of God in their lives and in the world around them, they will grow in their abilities to trust Him.
• Children must find their true identities in Christ, not in the things of this world.
• Both children and families will grow in obedience to Christ as they grow in love for Christ.
• That, starting with childhood, God longs to develop our hearts to look beyond ourselves and care for the needs of others in our families, our friendships, the church, and the world.
• Children need safe, nurturing places to be known as we experience God’s love and celebrate His goodness together.
• Parents are the primary spiritual leaders in their children’s lives and want to encourage, support, and partner with parents.

Come, be a part of St. John United Methodist Church. A Church where YOU CAN make a difference. Children’s Ministries is a place where we teach children to KNOW the love of Christ, to GROW in His Love, and to GO share His Love!

Contact: Tiffany Stout, Director of Children’s Ministry, (404) 255-1384